Demetrius Kazakis Organic Grape Spirit shares the same DNA with ABELON® : a single-vineyard, single-vintage noble spirit.
It carries the name of our father, Demetrius Kazakis, along with his wisdom, experience and craftsmanship.
It is created using high quality, hand-picked, certified Organic grapes, put through a low-temperature, long fermentation period, before distillation.
We always extract “the heart of the heart” of the spirit, through distillation.
Following distillation, the spirit is proofed down with excellent quality water and is left to mature for several months before bottling.
Demetrius Kazakis Organic Grape Spirit, at 40% abv., is best served straight.
One can also savor it on the rocks or with a pinch of ice-cold water, as our father likes it.
Pair with grilled fish and good company!

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The Abelon story begins at my family’s vineyards in Nea Gonia Greece, in 1987, where the Kazakis House of Viticulture was born. I always remember the time when the whole family planted and watered our first vines.

In the years that followed, my father, Demetrius, initiated me in the secrets of fine distillation. I was introduced to the fascinating cosmos of spirit aging and – inspired by views of the Aegean Sea and Mount Olympus – I decided to take a leap forward by creating something unique… ABELON®


Discover the whole story


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